Insurance Options

It’s important to note that many hospitals and clinics will provide insurance and cover any procedural complications that may arise directly from surgery. This includes any correctional surgeries, additional medication and time spent in the hospital recovering. However, it’s extremely important to confirm this directly with the hospital staff beforehand, so as to avoid any misunderstandings. 
As with any form of tourism, travel insurance should not be overlooked and this is especially relevant for Medical Tourism, with extra cover being advised in some cases. Most medical tourists prefer to have the piece of mind that comes with a dedicated medical insurance cover plan, with such aspects being covered*:
Additional medical expenses;
Additional medical consultations;
Additional travel expenses;
Additional hospital room;
Accommodation and air ticket for non-scheduled hospital visit up to 12 months later;
Daily expenses;
Trip delays / cancellation;
Lost baggage;
Travel liability;
Accidental injury / death;
24h travel assistance.
*Each policy is unique. See specific terms and conditions for details.

If you are already committed to a travel insurance plan or prefer to stick with your current insurer, contact them directly and find out exactly how your current plan covers you and if there’s a need to upgrade the cover. You may be required to increase the cover at an extra cost or to take out a new plan altogether.
In the event where your current insurance provider does not wish to cover you, we highly recommend the following insurance companies who have helped insure thousands of medical tourists. The pros and cons of each plan offered by the individual insurance companies should be thoroughly researched and considered before making a choice:
Insurance company 1
Insurance company 2
Insurance company 3
Few companies here we could use: